Attention all Class of 2019 Juniors: It is your year to continue to achieve outstanding grades or make up for some unflattering grades from Freshman and Sophomore years. Goal number one is to achieve the highest grades possible! To say your junior year is a huge academic year is an understatement. Commitment, Hard work, Focus and “Going the extra mile” are baseline requirements. Put your phone down and limit distractions. Colleges are looking for all-around students in addition to their grades and SAT/ACT scores. Explore clubs and activities, volunteer work or tutor an underclassman.

In need of time management strategies to balance your junior year? Not sure how you are going to write all your papers for all your classes? Do SAT prep courses really help students increase their scores? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, support is available to help you succeed. For more information, consider our Support services.