Benefits of Hiring a College Consultant

The college application process is extremely competitive and difficult to navigate. Being accepted to your top five colleges is daunting. College consultants provide services with varying price ranges. The selection process of a consultant can be intimidating. Determining your student’s education needs is priority one while considering the delivery of programs online or in person… (READ MORE)

Meet the Class of 2023

In the second year of the post-pandemic era, the Class of 2023 was part of another record-setting year in which many colleges surpassed last year’s record in the number of applications received. CAS students, [...]

Meet the Class of 2022

Year two of the pandemic saw the highest number of applications submitted by high school seniors not only in Massachusetts, but throughout the country. Many colleges received an overwhelming record-setting number of applications due [...]

Independent Private Schools Acceptance Day

Rhia Patel, Sharon Middle School 8th grader and College Advising Service student, was accepted to Milton Academy and The Winsor School. Applying to independent private schools is highly competitive and closely simulates applying to [...]

An Amazing Milestone outside the Classroom

Canton High School student athlete, Fay Gallery, joined an exclusive club on the basketball court. She became the third girls basketball player to score 1,000 points at CHS. Years of hard work, determination and [...]

An Alternative Way to College

Maximilian Tomczak has been accepted as a U.S. Davis Scholar at the United World College UWC-USA located in Montezuma, New Mexico. As a scholar, Max will receive a grant of $25,000.00 each year, for [...]

A Record Setting Performance

Students and families wondered overwhelmingly how the pandemic would impact their college application submittance and decisions. To further make a complex situation even more difficult, many colleges announced test scores would be test-optional, meaning [...]

Community Service Achievement

Weston High School sophomore and College Advising Service student, Maximilian Tomczak, developed a solution for all the plastic bags accumulating in his garage during the pandemic. Max led an initiative to collect 500 pounds [...]

Meet the Class of 2021

Despite the many challenges brought about by an unprecedented pandemic, CAS students truly persevered and achieved outstanding results. Student safety was first priority throughout the entire academic year. With each unknown of pandemic protocols, [...]

Meet the Class of 2020

Location, location, location. The Class of 2020 will be recognized for having the highest percentage of students attending out of state colleges to date. Chasing their dreams and succeeding were at the forefront of [...]

Alumni Spotlight: Rose’s Story

Early in life, Rose Gefteas, Canton High School and College Advising Service Class of 2019, was diagnosed with a life-long condition. Searching for a cure, she never stopped sharing her positivity with the world. [...]

Meet the Class of 2019

Determination and fortitude represented this class’s motto. The Class of 2019 will be joining CAS alumni at numerous campuses this Fall. Personal challenges were overcome in pursuit of academic success. Hats off to the College [...]

Time to get Serious About College

Attention all Class of 2019 Juniors: It is your year to continue to achieve outstanding grades or make up for some unflattering grades from Freshman and Sophomore years. Goal number one is to achieve [...]

Meet the Class of 2018

Student enrollment almost doubled from the previous year for the Class of 2018. Students were driven and focused in finding the college that matched their academic learning style and college major. Embracing the strategic [...]

College Advising Service Student Life

Pushing aside one’s fear to focus on one’s passion. Madelyn Andrie (CAS Class of 2018) interviews Caroline Berteletti (CAS Class of 2019).

Alumni Spotlight

A story of perseverance to achieve academic excellence. As a former student of Mr. Doucette’s at Brockton High School, Hydn has continued to recognize the utmost importance of furthering his college education. Congratulations to [...]

Back to School Seniors – Class of 2018

It’s finally here, your senior year. The long awaited final year of high school is upon you. Your first challenge is to prevent “Senioritis” and finish strong. Contrary to the general belief that senior [...]

First Day of College is Fast Approaching

Most Freshman Orientations are complete. Students will be moving into their dorms and begin classes by the third and last weeks of this month. Follow the housing guidelines provided by your college for a [...]

Meet the Class of 2017

New Beginnings. College Advising Service was founded and launched full-time in January 2017. Our inaugural class, small yet mighty, captured the founding principles of achieving one’s dream of attending college. Realistic goals and determination [...]

Welcome to College Advising Service

Welcome to the News and Alumni page. Our goal is to feature College Advising Service students and alumni beyond the classroom. Recognizing their personal achievements, milestones, community impacts and successes provides hope that our [...]