For over two decades, College Advising Service has been assisting students and families develop a strong high school academic profile and navigate the highly competitive college application process with professionalism, dedication and 100% acceptance rate.


How to navigate the college search process in finding the Right Fit for me?


Applying to college is highly competitive. How many colleges should I apply to?


Our strategic plan leads to your Success. What are my next steps?

Welcome to College Advising Service

Prepare to Succeed. We believe all students deserve the right to equal access to education, work honestly towards a better future and become valued citizens in our society. We all take different journeys to achieve our education and goals in life. College Advising Service recognizes each student’s individual strengths and talents to find the Right Fit by focusing on the Search, Apply, and Acceptance.

Our personalized, one-on-one approach guides students and parents to successfully navigate the competitive college application process and overall college landscape. College Advising Service provides professional resources, detailed instruction and ongoing support to both students in high school and in college. We strive to alleviate the stress and those difficult conversations with your student by managing the entire application process.

We offer a full range of individually designed services for students in grades 7-12. Families are able to select the services that best fit their student’s needs.

Your goals are our goals.



“Mark has a great understanding and empathy with the education issues and, as a colleague at Promethean, was dedicated to his job. He developed great relationships with his customers and with his colleagues. I recommend him to any employer in the education field.”

David Muir Thompson, Colleague

“The city of Brockton, MA needs no introduction as the hardships young people endure are widely known. My story is no different and it was thanks to Mr. Doucette’s college advising program that I can now look back and see how his guidance, demeanor and outright positive outlook for my future propelled me to be the successful man that I am today. He opened the doors of colleges outside my purview, helped me shape my story into powerful college applications and was a sounding board when life tried to steer me off course.”

Hydn, Student

“Mr. Mark Doucette aka “Mr. D” is so many things: strong, intelligent, caring, motivating, professional and a great friend.  When I talk about how I’ve gotten to this successful place in my career I always mention him, as he is one of the key people that helped me get to where I am now. His drive and determination for all his students to succeed was so pure and honest that I personally did not want to fail him or myself. Mr. D has not only been my teacher but he truly has become a dear friend to me and my family.”

Tatie, Student

“As a student, I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Doucette. He is hardworking, personable, professional and someone you always want on your team. As the first child in my family to attend college, applications seemed incredibly daunting, but through Mr. Doucette’s program, I experienced a smooth application process. Mr. Doucette has opened so many doors for me and I am so lucky to call him one of my mentors.”

Emma, Student

“Through Mark’s unwavering guidance, support, and knowledge of the college advisory process, I was able to increase my SAT/ACT scores exponentially – but more importantly, allowing for myself, and my family, a smooth college application process. His personable nature and diligence is unmatched and I am grateful to have worked with him as I have gained a mentor and friend for my future endeavors.”

Jake, Student

“Mr. Doucette was very instrumental in helping me navigate the entire college application process. Being the first in my family to attend college, his knowledge and willingness to help has had a profound impact on me to this day. As a parent, I can only wish for an educator such as Mark Doucette to work with my own children with the same level of knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm.”

Jowana, Student and Parent

“I’ve known Mark for many years and can and will speak very highly of his professionalism. Mark worked with my son on his college essay and applications. My son just graduated HS and will be attending UMASS Amherst in the Fall.  Mark was able to get my son focused with a plan that had to be followed in order to meet the deadlines that were ahead of my son.”

Karen, Parent