Most Freshman Orientations are complete. Students will be moving into their dorms and begin classes by the third and last weeks of this month. Follow the housing guidelines provided by your college for a smooth move-in day. Participate in Class of 2021 Freshman welcoming activities so you may meet other students in addition to your roommates. It is a great way to start your lifelong friendships. You all have the same fears, anxiety and excitement as you begin the next chapter of your educational life.

When time allows, visit all of your classrooms before the first day of classes. Mapping out your route will go a long way towards being on time. Consider renting before purchasing all your textbooks once your professors have listed their selections. Advice: do not open, sealed hardcopy books until readings are assigned. In some cases, although your professor selected the book, they may never use it. You may have the opportunity for a full refund depending on your college’s bookstore policy.