The college application process is extremely competitive and difficult to navigate. Being accepted to your top five colleges is daunting. College consultants provide services with varying price ranges. The selection process of a consultant can be intimidating. Determining your student’s education needs is priority one while considering the delivery of programs online or in person.

A great way to begin the process is to evaluate the consultant’s professional experience (ie. years of experience, resources and connections to colleges, work with secondary students, held positions at the college admissions level, years of teaching experience or referrals from students and families. A professional College Advising Service advisor focuses on your student’s education needs, creates a personalized delivery of instruction and provides numerous programs to meet your financial budget without breaking the bank. Buyer beware. An extreme case of sticker shock and no guarantee of being admitted to your dream college.

Read this Boston Globe Article “What’s the craziest thing about a $16,000 college application boot camp: that it has a wait list, or its secret location?” (link downloads a PDF file)